Tips for Choosing The Best Instant Water Heater

right instant water heater

Regarding home improvement, some projects can give almost an instant transformation and value addition, and one such project is installing an instant water heater. Other commonly used names are tankless or instant water heaters, which have completely changed how you look at hot water in the house. Instant water heaters have energy efficiency advantages since they heat water only when required, as well as space efficiency and endless hot water availability.

How to choose the right instant water heater for your home

right instant water heater

Understanding instant water heaters

Before explaining the model selection, it is necessary to know what instant water heaters are and how they work. The process does not require a storage tank, and the energy that would have been lost on standby when using the storage tank is therefore saved, making instant water heaters more efficient in many cases.

 Size and installation location

Unlike the traditional tank water heaters, instant ones are small and can be placed almost anywhere in your home. It is very advantageous as it enables the creation of unique home designs in situations where space is a major concern. Basements, attics, crawl spaces, and outside the house are possible installation places. It is recommended that several units be installed in different parts of the house for big houses or houses requiring more hot water. The system, known as a distributed system, can deliver hot water to fixtures faster and with lesser losses through pipes.

Temperature increase and climate issues

The rise in temperature of an instant water heater is another factor that should be compared only sometimes. It is the unit’s function regarding the number of degrees by which it can raise the water temperature. Take the difference between your desired outlet temperature and the incoming water temperature to find the needed temperature rise. In areas of the world where the temperature of water supplied by the utilities is low, you will require a unit that can raise the water temperature to a higher level. In very cold regions, it is recommended that one uses gas models as they can provide more heat in a shorter duration than the electric models.


When selecting the best instant water heater for your home, you should consider the following factors: your hot water demand, energy source, installation possibilities, and price. Thus, by considering these factors and choosing an excellent, efficient model that meets your needs, you can get the advantage of having a constant hot water supply and enhance the energy efficiency of your house.