Checklist for a Stress-Free Move with Melbourne Removalists

Relocating is not a minor activity since it may take lots of effort, especially when moving to a new house. However, if someone is prepared to invest the necessary time, the moving process can be thorough and successful, especially if they consider hiring professional removalists in Melbourne. However, here is an extensive list of things you must be prepared for during every scenario throughout your house-moving process when hiring an expert mover in Melbourne.

Pre-Move Preparation

  • Research and Book Removalists Early

To avoid being left stranded, search for removalists early to find the most reliable one to work with. Book at least 4-6 weeks in advance to avoid being aligned with the wrong moving date. 

Compare removalists in Melbourne according to their credibility, customer reviews, and rates while ensuring that companies that provide services like packing and storage are included. 

Check their insurance status to ensure they are conversant with the covers against any loss or damage during moving.

  • Declutter

First, thoroughly declutter each room by deciding whether to pack, sell, donate, or discard items. Consider selling clothing, shoes, and toys online or in garage sales. Additionally, donating nonperishable food, books, and other items to charity assists others and reduces the volume of items you need to pack and transport. This streamlined method minimises stress, simplifies your move, and saves you cash.

  • Create an Inventory

Professional house removalists in Melbourne consistently recommend compiling an inventory as a crucial step for an organised move. List all items, noting valuables and fragile items separately. Photograph high-value items for insurance purposes in case of damage. This ensures you can track your belongings and have documentation for any claims.

  • Gather Packing Supplies

Gather vital packing components: robust cardboard containers, bubble wrap, packing paper, adhesive tape, and markers. Use specialty boxes for wardrobes, electronics, and delicate items like glassware to guarantee safe transport.

Notify Relevant Parties

  • Update Your Address

According to the experienced removalists in Melbourne, updating your address is crucial when moving. Notify the post office to forward your mail to your new address. Inform banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions to ensure your statements and essential documents reach you. Additionally, update your magazine and website subscription address to continue receiving them at your new home.

  • Inform Service Providers

Before moving, it’s essential to notify service providers promptly. Arrange to disconnect utilities like electricity, gas, and water at your current home and connect them at your new residence a few weeks ahead. Set up internet and cable services for uninterrupted connectivity upon arrival. Notify healthcare providers to transfer medical records and ensure continuity of care in your new location.


  • Start Early

Professional removalists in Melbourne recommend packing non-essential items such as seasonal clothing and books early, 2-3 weeks before the moving day. Pack systematically, tackling one room at a time and labelling boxes clearly with their contents and respective rooms. This organised approach simplifies both packing and unpacking during your move.

  • Pack Smart

Safeguard fragile gadgets by wrapping them in bubble wrap, labelling them as ‘fragile’, and setting them on pinnacle all through pile-up to save you harm. Disassemble huge fixtures while viable, retaining screws and small components in labelled baggage taped to the furnishings for clean reassembly.

  • Pack an Essentials Box

Experienced removalists in Melbourne recommend packing an essentials box with items needed immediately after moving: towels, clothes, hygiene products, utensils, cups, a coffee maker, some essential items in an emergency, electrical cables, and food. Personal belongings include a favourite pillow because they can be helpful during the first few days, especially if one gets a new house.

Moving Day Preparation

  • Prepare Your Home

Prepare your home by clearing pathways to prevent accidents on moving days. Use protective covers for floors and walls to avoid damage, which protects your deposit if you’re renting.

  • Confirm Details with Removalists

Confirm details with removalists in Melbourne a few days before moving: verify the date, time, and specific requirements. Provide clear directions for your current and new homes, and inform them of any items needing special handling or potential challenges like narrow stairs or limited parking.

Moving Day

  • Inventory Check

After packing, conduct a final walkthrough with the removalists to ensure all rooms and items are loaded onto the truck according to your inventory checklist. This will ensure nothing is left behind and everything is accounted for during the move.

  • Assist When Necessary

Provide directions to your new home and communicate potential obstacles like construction or narrow streets to the removalists in Melbourne. Stay responsive to promptly address any last-minute issues during the move.

Post-Move Tasks

  • Unpack Systematically

Unpack, starting with the essentials box, for immediate comfort. Proceed room by room, prioritising the kitchen and bedrooms. Check each box for damaged or missing items and promptly report issues to the removalist.

  • Update Records

Experienced removalists in Melbourne advise updating your address with the relevant authorities to ensure all correspondence is correctly directed to you. Confirm utilities are set up and working to avoid disruptions in your new home.

  • Settle In

Visit popular shopping centres, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential facilities near the new neighbourhood. This highlights the importance of trying to befriend your neighbours, as it fosters a welcoming atmosphere and provides community support in your new area.

Final Words

Relocating, typically seen as stressful, can be simplified and beneficial with thorough preparation and assistance. This checklist ensures comprehensive management from decision-making to settling into your new home. Engaging a professional removalist like Yes Movers lightens the load, enabling you to concentrate on the excitement of beginning a new life instead of the logistics.